Hold Up! Don’t Post That Job Just Yet!

//Hold Up! Don’t Post That Job Just Yet!

Hold Up! Don’t Post That Job Just Yet!

Are you thinking about hiring and adding to the payroll? Your business has a need that you and your current staff can’t handle? Well there may be alternatives that could be more economical, less time consuming, better results oriented and does not incur a long term commitment. I know what you are saying, “sounds a little too good to be true”. However, before hiring, determine if a management consulting firm like Pinnacle Success Group may be a better option.

In many job placements, the employer has a need to be met; however, that need may not be a long-term need or fill a full-time position. However, the easy answer is just hiring someone full-time and adding to their task list other duties to make it a full-time role.  In many cases the need could be met by hiring a business or management consultant. This allows for a quick assessment of the challenge and after a negotiation on terms and length of contract, the work can begin. A consultant can bring immediate expertise to the assignment, be brought up to speed quicker and usually be able to do the job at an overall lower cost. Even if the work is a long term commitment, after the initial services are completed, a maintenance or retainer fee equates to a lot less than a full time employee. No additional benefit costs, no hiring costs and much more flexibility.

Of course, this is not for every role you fill or every job. Here are some jobs/roles that a consultant might be a better fit:

Project Management- this role can usually be filled with a consultant and a project to project commitment. Many small to medium size companies will hire someone thinking it has multiple projects coming up only to have plans change. This gives more flexibility to the employer and can get an experienced person working the project much faster.

Website Maintenance and Development- maintaining a website can be a vital part of any business these days, but it does not usually make sense for a full-time person for many small to medium size businesses.  Contracting this work out along with the maintenance and future website changes is an easy call. Usually an economical move that can get you expert work done at reasonable pricing.

Social Media- a new job category that many businesses are now hiring for because they need someone working it and are not sure how to go about it. Consultants in this area are usually much more up to speed with a quickly changing environment and can manage this for many companies. It is very rarely a 4o hour a week role. Therefore, a consultant is a great fit.

Marketing- need fresh ideas on marketing? Not getting what you need with the current plan or not enough man power to carry it out? Marketing is a truly good fit for consultants. Marketing guru’s have the research and insight to know what is working for other companies, the industry you are in, new trends, and how to effectively go about executing a plan. Once a typical marketing campaign kicks off, the need for permanent staffing may not be there to maintain the campaign. Therefore, a consultant can fill the need with more flexibility.

Sales Trainer- the need for a  sales trainer is usually cyclical. You hire people, train them, and then wait for the next group. How many groups needs training and how often? Are you getting sales personnel from the field to train their competition? Are you using sales managers? However you look at it, a loss in productivity is occurring. You can get expert sales trainers that will not disrupt the organization and provide great training to your sales force.

Niche Training- another role consultants can play a great part in is in niche fields. SAP, PeopleSoft, six sigma, theory of constraints and other programs can be taught and managed through consulting better than trying to hire an expert in the field. The true experts are not really available for a full time role because they are in greater demand as a consultant.

In House Counsel- not many companies can afford to keep an attorney on staff. Many business lawyers work in a consultant capacity. This is an area that you usually need, but sporadically. This is an obvious area that an expert is needed and a better fit for a contract role.

Management and Business Analysis- how can you really analyze your business internally? Well, not usually that good. All businesses can use a fresh set of eyes in analyzing what they are doing well and not so well. It is no surprise that this will be one of the fastest growing fields in the next decade. Way to many small and medium size businesses need help. Call a consultant instead of hiring another manager for the business. On-site long term consulting is still more economical than hiring a new manager to come help clean house. A consultant is usually much more effective.

Human Resources- many areas of human resources are a good fit for a consultant. Recruiting, hiring, firing, short term workforce placement and managing the on-boarding of employees are all possible areas a consultant can fill. It is not necessary to hire full-time employees to help you staff up and then have very little for them to do. Once staffed, then you can assess any permanent or long-term needs that may require full-time services.

The moral of this story is think about your company needs and the other options that may work better than starting the hiring process. At the end of the day, understanding all your options will help you make better business choices which bring better results. For more information on this and other topics, contact Pinnacle Success Group. We can help you and your business reach the pinnacle of success.


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